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Downloading VQManager

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The Professional Edition

Commercially, the VQManager product is available as Professional Edition. The VQManager Professional Edition comes with all the functionalities/features enabled.


Licensing Options

VQManager licenses can be purchased for the:


Refer to the "Monitored Endpoints" section for more on how VQManager identifies unique Endpoints and IP phones for the purpose of licensing. This licensing is available both as an annual subscription and as a one-time purchase.

In addition to the licensing model based on Number of Endpoints/IP Phones, VQManager also provides a licensing model based on 'Concurrent Calls'. 'Concurrent calls' is defined as the number of simultaneous active calls captured by VQManager at any point of time. The 'Concurrent calls' based license is meant only for Service Provider customers who offer VoIP monitoring service to their end-user customers. This licensing model will work with the 'Professional Edition' of VQManager. This model is based on the maximum number of concurrent calls in the network. For example, if a customer purchases a license for 100 concurrent calls, he/she can monitor at most 100 concurrent calls 'live' in their VoIP network at any point of time. Calls beyond that will not be monitored. For monitoring more calls, the customer will have to upgrade the license to a higher number of concurrent calls. This type of licensing is based on annual subscription, which means that usage of the product will be valid only for one year, beyond which the subscription has to be renewed. Refer to the Concurrent call licensing section for more details.


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